Photography without Compromise

FlexShooter introduces the world's first spring-loaded ball head to balance your kit perfectly

We make your heavy kit feel weightless

FlexShooter balances any lens from 6mm to 600m. It's stable yet ready to react in an instant.

Top Features


The next generation heads utilise the patented spring counter-balance system to hold long lenses and a wide range of kit weightlessly in place.


No more locking up your tripod head and having your precious composition vanish out of the frame.


Flexshooter heads allow to you quickly and reliably set a level horizon.


The main head sits in a plastic collar so it's friction can be easily adjusted to suit the gear used and the individual photographer.


The head is very low profile which is great for low angle shooting, but it also minimises all vibrations as the lens / camera is close to the tripod.

The pro head only weighs 600g too!.


All of our heads are precision engineered in Europe and we are very proud of that. 

FlexShooter Evangelist andy rouse

Professional wildlife photographer Andy Rouse is the FlexShooter evangelist. 

"FlexShooter heads give me flexibility in a durable and portable head, where I can trust it 100% to hold my kit on place. Whether I am shooting landscapes with a 24mm lens or tigers with a 600mm lens, my kit is poised and ready for action, no wasted time locking up, no compromise."

Here he describes the unique features of our heads, it's the most valuable 4 minutes you will ever give to your photography.

Announcing the FlexShooter Pro Black Edition

for those photographers who dare to be different, available to ship now!

We have proud FlexShooter owners, professional and amateur, using FlexShooter heads for wildlife, landscape, wedding, portrait, macro, reportage, travel and aviation photography.

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