flexshooter Accessories

Welcome to the FlexShooter Accessories page, we have a collection of cool accessories that are designed specifically to work with your FlexShooter head and which will help you nail that perfect shot......

Twin Shooter 

TwinShooter is a special mounting plate that fits directly onto the FlexShooter head and allows you to mount two long lens based systems as shown. So you can shoot with a 600mm lens and a converter and right next to it have a 100-400mm for a wider shot. Mounted together, with all the benefits of the FlexShooter heads, allowing for two compositions at the same time!!!

It's ultra light and portable too!

Here's a video of TwinShooter in use with evangelist Andy Rouse on assignment with Red Squirrels.

See, it's great! You can purchase TwinShooter from any one of our online stores, either by itself or as part of a discounted bundle. Just use the store link from the drop down above.

Canon / Nikon BigFoot

A range of low profile replacement feet for most Canon / Nikon lenses that allow you to easily set the centre of balance. They even account for 1.4x and 2x teleconverters too!

All use your existing screws and take seconds to replace. A full buying guide can be found on the online store,